Jenna Monaco – Your Intuition Is Your Life Coach

(Author of Postcards to the Universe) Melisa Caprio talks with Jenna Monaco about depression, anxiety, depression, addiction, and self-discovery on her latest podcast episode.

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Jenna Monaco is a modern mystic, intuitive, and medium. After a lifetime of struggling with her anxiety, depression, and losing her father to addiction, her pain forced her onto the path of self-discovery. She has been certified in breath work, meditation and mindfulness, embodiment practice, and stress coaching that she uses for the foundation of her work helping women to tap into their intuition so they can experience more peace and prosperity in their life.

She’s also the host of the Spark Intention Podcast and writes self-development pieces for Thought Catalog and various other websites.

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Postcards to the Universe

Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest Your Dreams (Blank Postcards for Art, for Fans of Law of Attraction, Manifesting, or The Secret)

Open a conversation with the world around you: We have the ability to be in open communication with the Universe, the loving energy behind all creation. But do we listen to what the Universe has to say? Do we use our own voices to speak back? Artist-photographer, popular radio host, and blogger Melisa Caprio helps us enter into deep conversation with the Universe through combining creative visualization with the power of intention.

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