(Author of the Magic of Crystals and Gems) Cerridwen Greenleaf has another stone for us to use in terms of attracting positivity.

Jet is a stone but is organic—petrified wood found all over the world in deposits dating back to the Stone Age. It is a tough form of lignite coal that is polished to a glossy sheen, unlike ordinary coal. Jet is black and extremely hard. It has been with us since prehistory and was found to have been used for both tools and jewels in the caves ancient Egyptians lived in.

Native Americans also wore jet in powerful amulets. Jet is an energy absorber and has been used as such for centuries; it has been used for many disparate cures, from insanity to the common cold. The absorbency, however, makes it truly great for dispelling fear, and though it obviously can’t cure mental illness, it can help stabilize mood swings and stave off debilitating depression. Jet is used to treat headaches, edema, and epilepsy. Anyone who suffers from migraines should carry a jet amulet to ease both the pain and the fear around those difficult episodes. Jet is also a potent treatment for enhancing virility. The stone is best served by a silver mounting into jewelry. Jet is a useful dream stone and can send forewarning of sorrowful events. Despite that, jet is a stone of the positive, creating optimism and improved money energy.

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