Journaling as an Act of Self-Love and Inner Empowerment

Greta Solomon (author of Heart, Sass and Soul) talks with Creative Conversations for the Soul podcast about the benefits of journaling.

Welcome back to Creative Conversations for the Soul and welcome to my first ever interview episode, where today I’m speaking with the wonderful Greta Solomon. 

Greta is an author, writing teacher and journal healer. Through her books and courses she guides people to use journaling and creative self expression to connect to their inner wisdom and to heal the tender parts of their inner worlds. 

When it comes to writing, we can often be holding on to some embarrassment and shame from childhood, where spelling and grammar were deemed more important than creativity so Greta is on a mission to help creative, empathetic people reconnect with their writing and to show us all how journalling can be a tool to tap into your intuition. 

As Greta beautifully says in this episode, the power is in your pen so you might want to grab your journal for this one. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

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Heart, Sass & Soul by Greta Solomon

Heart, Sass & Soul

Journal Your Way to Inspiration and Happiness

Discover the Life-Changing Power of Freewriting and Journaling

Discover who you are: Writing for yourself is an incredible way to heal your heart, find happiness, and reconnect with the things that matter most. Journaling and freewriting can bring you a deeper level of self-awareness, allowing you to truly know who you are. Heart, Sass & Soul will show you how to develop a writing practice that nurtures inner strength and promotes a rich, fulfilled life.

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