Joy, Awe and Happiness with Jollytologist Allen Klein

Allen Klein (author of The Awe Factor) sits down with Joe Hoare to discuss the wonders of life we often forget to acknowledge.

Allen Klein ( and is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and keynote conference speaker, and much more. He is the author of 8 books and editor of many more.In this lovely interview, he mentions the inner quality of joy, how sharing joy & kindness touch people’s hearts, and how important it is to remember the choices we have. (For the latest joy conferences, courses, and coaching please visit )

The Awe Factor

How a Little Bit of Wonder Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Exploring the human ability to be in awe. What does it mean to be awestruck? Or more simply, what is awe? Backed by the latest scientific research, Klein sets out to define awe and its effects on health and happiness. For example, over the past dozen years, or so, scientists have found, among other things, that awe:

  • Connects us to others
  • Lowers our stress levels
  • Enhances positive emotions
  • Increases our compassion
  • Increases our creativity

Plenty of reasons to be in awe. With a sprinkling of the spiritual and scientific, The Awe Factor takes readers on an exploration of a human phenomenon. From research to first-hand awe-inspiring stories, Klein reflects on feelings of awe, meaning and purpose. And with bonus awe-awakening tools, tips, and techniques, he helps readers become more aware of, and increase, the awe and wonder in their life.

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