June 14 & 15 #GoalChats on Journaling – With Nita Sweeney, You Should Be Writing

Check out these Debra Eckerling goal chats with Nita Sweeney

This week on #GoalChat, we talked about one of my favorite subjects: Journaling. Journaling is a huge part of the system I developed in The D*E*B METHOD, which is used in Your Goal Guide.

Fellow Mango Nita Sweeney, co-author of You Should Be Writing: A Journal of Inspiration & Instruction to Keep Your Pen Moving (June 16, 2020), shared some of her favorite journaling tips on both #GoalChat and #GoalChatLive. We talked about the value of journaling, different types of journaling practices, and more.

You Should Be Writing, co-authored by Mango Associate Publisher Brenda Knight, is filled with quotes, ranging from famous all-time-great poets like T.S. Eliot to modern creatives like Roxane Gay. It’s aim is to instruct and inspire readers to become better writers.

Watch the video here: http://thedebmethod.com/june-14-15-goalchats-on-journaling-with-nita-sweeney-you-should-be-writing/

Your Goal Guide by Deb Eckerling (small copy)

your goal guide

A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals

Start with a plan. One of the biggest reasons goals fail is that we often don’t put enough thought into what we really want before diving in. Your Goal Guide by Debra Eckerling starts with that first, crucial step: figuring out your goals and putting a plan in place. As a professional writer, communications specialist, and project catalyst with more than 20 years of experience, Eckerling is prepared to help you achieve success.

You Should Be Writing by Brenda Knight and Nita Sweeney

you should be writing

A Journal of Inspiration & Instruction to Keep Your Pen Moving

Writing Inspiration from Incredible Authors. Gathered by Brenda Knight and writing coach Nita Sweeney, author of Depression Hates a Moving TargetYou Should Be Writing provides you with writing wisdom from a variety of accomplished authors.

Writing Practice on Every Page. This journal is a must-have for writers everywhere. With quotes from a diverse group of historical and modern authors to use as creative prompts on every page, you’ll be able to bring your writing inspiration with you wherever you go. You’ll find plenty of great advice, such as Toni Morrison’s encouragement, “As a writer, a failure is just information. It’s something that I’ve done wrong in writing, or is inaccurate or unclear. I recognize failure—which is important; some people don’t—and fix it.”

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