(Author of The Magic of Crystals and Gems) Cerridwen Greenleaf has a heart stone for you- one that can help you express your love better.

Perhaps the reason the pretty crystal kunzite hasn’t reached great popularity is that its splintery nature makes it a real challenge to cut. This lesser-known stone is the pink variety of spodumene and is one of only two gems in this small family; the green hiddenite is the other. Mined in North America, Brazil, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Madagascar, it has a striated surface and is translucent. Kunzite has different color intensities depending on the vantage point from which it is being viewed. Its deep pinkness is due to the mineral lithium it contains. If lithium sound familiar, that’s because it is. Lithium has been used widely in the treatment of mental illness. Kunzite is indeed a spirit-lifting, soothing stone and helps neutralize stress and prevent worry and fear. This pink stone can help you control your thoughts and have the ability to detach yourself from what burdens you. Kunzite is a heart opener and creates the condition for love. It is also beneficial to the blood and circulatory system. Kunzite can help anyone with problems. Kunzite is another of the environmental stones that can absorb back harmful radio waves. It will also help you feel and express your love for your significant other without feeling possessive and jealous.

The magic of crystals and gems

Unlocking the Supernatural Power of Stones (Healing Gemstones and Crystals)

Practice Practical Magic: Did you know that wearing an amulet of green jade on an interview will help get the job? Have you heard that an amethyst ring can help break bad habits and even encourage sobriety? Anyone looking for love can place two pink quartz crystals in the bedroom; you’ll not be alone for long! These are just a few of the hundreds of secrets shared in The Magic of Crystals and Gems. Semi-precious stones and gems have long been known for their magic as well as their beauty. In this book of charms, readers learn everything there is to know about the powers of crystals from birthstone magic to gem divination to jewelry spells. This is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening book that will appeal to everyone who’s ever worn a birthstone, kissed the ring of a lover for luck, or bought a crystal for good energy.

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