L-Theanine to the Rescue

KJ Landis (author of Happy Healthy You) is delighted to share her research on this natural superfood with us.

Recently I was reading a blog in the Miracle Noodle website. I am a big fan of konjac noodles and rice, first being exposed to the root vegetable pastes and cubes while living in Japan in the early 1990s. Miracle noodles are made from the konjac root, fibrous and low carb.  I keep an eye on the blogs on their website and love how they bring the science of food to the regular person, helping the non-scientists learn more about what is in our food. This particular blog was researched and written by Judd Handler. As I learned, I was intrigued about the amino acid, L-Theanine. It is usually found in green tea. Green tea also has caffeine, so if one is sensitive to caffeine (I am), then we can reap the benefits of the amino acid without the caffeine by taking it as a supplement. I just ordered a bottle and we shall see how focused and calm I feel after taking it regularly. I am not an afiliate of any product or supplement

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. In addition to protein building amino acids, there are also non-protein amino acids. Researchers believe non-protein amino acids help protect plants against insects. This also allows for the plant species to not go extinct. They can procreate if protected from demise. They also play a key role in plant metabolism. 

What is L-Theanine? L-Theanine is a non-protein amino acid that may help us balance our own metabolism, and  assist with anxiety, helping us to be calm as we need to focus on tasks like work, school, errands, and chores. Modern society is busier than ever, and we need to perform, produce, and feel empowered doing so. 

L-Theanine is naturally found in tea. It is more abundant in green tea leaves because green tea is not heated or fermented for a long time, therefore green tea is younger and dried more quickly. The compound L-Theanine is becoming more popular among consumers for its ability to induce calmness without drowsiness. Who among us doesn’t need that these days?

Benefits of L-Theanine:

  1. Cognitive-enhancing 
  2. Supports good mood  
  3. Anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties
  4. Improves sleep quality
  5. Increases attention span

How Does L-Theanine work? We have brain messengers constantly hard at work regulating our brain function, and all other vital functions. These chemical messengers turn on or off hormones which determine our psychological state. Serotonin is a happy, calm inducing hormone  helping other hormones to control appetite, and sleep quality, attention span, memory, and mood regulation. Gaba is a hormone which regulates anxiety and also helps us not to receive pain if in a happy state. L-Theanine works in part by preserving chemical neurotransmitter messengers and elevating other non-protein amino acids in the body. Another way in which L-theanine works is by boosting alpha waves in the brain, seen to elevate during REM sleep and meditation. (Yet another reason to meditate!) 

I want to thank Judd Handler for opening my eyes on yet another superfood! As always, do your own research, and try out things on yourself with a health practitioner’s guidance.

Be Well,
​KJ Landis

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