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Weekly Bit of Inspiration

Sustaining Our Gratitude   Sorry this is sent a couple hours late today – I was so grateful for a few days with nothing on my plate, I forgot!  :)  You’ll also note that I shortened “Weekly Bit of Inspiration” in the title to WBI.   Thanksgiving is officially over, but most of us know that gratitude is a great spiritual practice to keep up that lifts our spirits and fulfills us. But how do we sustain that in an authentic way? How do we make it our lifestyle rather than just a here and there practice?

Here’s my four step process for sustaining gratitude, and you can do them in any order you prefer:
1) Acknowledge What is Here – what is abundantly already yours? Is it the sunshine, or the snow? Do you have a couple dear friends? A plethora of projects to work on? A beautiful tree outside your window? Take a look around and see what you do have and continue to orient your thoughts to recognize it
2) Open to Receive – Even if something doesn’t appear to be here in your life, allow yourself to receive it. Ask for help and let it be given to you. Imagine abundance flowing to you and take it in with open arms. Open your heart to be a receptacle for love. When you’re open to receive, so much more can be given to you and that will boost your feeling of gratitude.
3) Appreciate What Others Give and Receive – Rather than feel jealous when someone else gets something you want, can you feel appreciation that they have it? Can you feel deep gratitude when you see someone doing an act of kindness for another? This practice will deepen your connection to others, fill you with joy, and allow you to see their abundance as One with yours.
4) Feel Grateful for What You Can Give – Thanksgiving is overly focused on feasting on what we have, so it’s essential for a sustained practice of gratitude to feel grateful for what you can offer others. Give of your time, inspiration, skills, love, and money. See how many other beings you can bless. It’s not a competition to do more or less than anyone else: it’s opening yourself to the joy and fulfillment of the giving part of Thanksgiving.

These four steps – Acknowledge, Receive, Appreciate Others’ Abundance, and Give – sustain and support a lifestyle of gratitude that is deeply fulfilling.   Share “Weekly Bit of Inspiration” with a Friend
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Blessings,     Rev. Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT

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Awaking from Anxiety by Connie Habash

Awakening From Anxiety

A Spiritual Guide to Living a More Calm, Confident, and Courageous Life

Competent, spiritual people suffer from anxiety and depression too: Spiritual people often find that their own expectations of living a life dedicated to a higher power makes them more susceptible to high-functioning anxiety. Sometimes, traditional relaxation techniques either do not work, don’t last, or, in some cases, actually increase their anxiety.

The missing keys to managing anxiety: Psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and interfaith minister Rev. Connie L. Habash shows us a way to transform our perceptions using mindful awareness, in order that we may live divinely inspired lives. In over 25 years as a counselor helping spiritual people overcome anxiety, Rev. Connie has taught that it takes more than chanting mantras, stretching, or relaxation techniques to calm anxiety. It requires a transformation in perception, moment-to-moment body awareness, and a conscious response to thoughts and emotions.

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