Lauren Woods Interviewed by and Featured in The County Times

Emotionfull author Lauren Woods was recently interviewed and featured in an article written by Sarah Page for The County Times on her newly released book.

Southwater woman reaches out to help people cope with anxieties

A struggle with mental health has led a young Southwater woman to reach out and help others.

Twenty-year-old Lauren Woods set up a website to provide mental health support – and it has now led to her having a book published.

Lauren, who went to Horsham’s Tanbridge House School and Collyer’s College, first established her website – – three years ago.

“I struggled myself with OCD and health anxiety,” said Lauren. “I knew there were quite a lot of people around me trying to get help but the waiting list for support was very long.

“I wanted people to be able to go to the website and find someone going through something similar to them.”

The website captured the attention of publishers Mango Publishing who approached Lauren and asked her to write a book on mental health and self care which has now gone on sale via Amazon, Waterstones and Foyles’ website.

The book – called ‘Emotionfull’ – is separated into different parts with each part focused on different emotions.

Now, with many people facing anxieties because of the current pandekic, Lauren hopes that her book will prove a useful support for many.

“It has all stemmed from me struggling with my own mental health and I wanted to find other people that would understand and help other people themselves.”


A Guide to Self-Care for Your Mental Health and Emotions

Value your feelings. We can get overwhelmed by our own emotions. Though there’s nothing wrong with what we’re feeling, we all struggle with how best to face stress, anxiety, sadness, and even excitement sometimes. Emotionfull helps us process difficult emotions, one by one, and allows us the space to focus on them in a way that’s healthy. Author Lauren Woods, creator of The Positive Page platform, has struggled with mental health and low self-esteem herself, so she comes to readers with experience and kindness in overcoming some of the daily challenges these struggles bring.

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