Less Can Truly Be More

You Are An Awesome Woman author Becca Anderson has a message on the importance of keeping a clear space so you can have a clear head.

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You should only have possessions you really love; don’t let your things possess you. I have a neat-looking “outbox” on my front porch that I fill during the week with items I can take to the Reuse Center at my neighborhood recycling location. As the days go by, magazines, extra pots and pans, odd cups and dishes, old electronics, and any things that no longer have a place in my home go there. My partner and I go there at least twice a month, and it simply feels wonderful. The center has a lot of regulars, and we are now recognized as purveyors of 100 percent discount bounty, such as scented candles, barely-worn scarves, office supplies, crockery, and superb magazines, as we are a household of voracious readers. I have seen amazing trades at the Reuse Center, and I witnessed a musician sitting down and playing a free sitar with virtuosity while a family with young children got a sorely needed washing machine and dryer. Moments like this remind me of a novel by the visionary teacher and writer Starhawk; The Fifth Sacred Thing depicts a future where people return to a barter system and live harmoniously in community.

Take only what you need and share anything extra with your own neighbors.

You Are an Awesome Woman

Affirmations and Inspired Ideas for Self-Care, Success and a Truly Happy Life

Master the art of thinking happy: You know what they say about happiness—it’s an “inside job”—which is 100 percent true. Use the affirmations, quotes, and ideas in this book as a set of tools for your own self-development. They are for “inner work.” Much has to do with adjusting your attitude. Depending on the day, it might be a slight adjustment or a major overhaul, but the more you practice daily affirmations, the fewer adjustments you’ll need. One day you will realize you have mastered the art of “thinking happy” and are looking at the bright side of life, every day. Incorporating positive thoughts as a daily practice will build mental muscle and help you achieve the all-important optimistic way of thinking.

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