Let’s Pause and Remember

Charlene Costanzo (author of The Twelve Gifts From the Garden) remembers the people who died for the hope of freedom.

“As we express our gratitude,
we must never forget that
the highest appreciation is not to utter words
but to live by them.”

– John F. Kennedy

With Memorial Day upon us, let’s ask: what does it mean? 

No matter what we do this weekend, let’s take some time to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day, which is designated to honor the military service of men and women who died while fighting for freedom and safeguarding our Constitution. 

Let’s appreciate all who tap into strength and courage to safeguard our freedom. And let’s continue to strive – to live our lives according to our highest values.


May you believe.  
from The Twelve Gifts of Birth
Celebrating 20 Years

The Twelve Gifts from the Garden

Life Lessons for Peace and Well-Being

Translating the beauty of botany. If you look closely, plants sprout with willpower and bloom with determination. Drawing from the beautiful nature of trees and flowers, Charlene crafts garden-inspired messages from her experiences with healing and understanding. Inside, find quotes, reflections, and bonus material:

  • Pen-and-ink line drawings with illustrations of flowers, leaves, and garden plants
  • Charlene’s Twelve Gifts resource and lessons learned in the garden
  • An epilogue from two other locales─Sedona, AZ and St. John, VI

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