Lettering From A-Z Featured in Gift Guide for Kateable.com

Lettering From A-Z by Phawnda Moore has been featured in the “Holiday Gift Guide for Mamas” list on Kateable.com. Read the entire list, including Phawnda’s feature, here!


Lettering From A to Z

12 Styles & Awesome Projects for a Creative Life

Lettering artist Phawnda Moore has been teaching calligraphy and design for 25 years. An award-winning author, she steps into beginning students’ shoes to select content, address anticipated questions, and offer solutions to the unexpected yet inevitable problems that are encountered in hand lettering.

Your creative life will be enriched with step-by-step tutorials “from A to Z.” Written in conversational narrative, this full-color book includes more than 200 images of Phawnda’s professional work, published articles, and guidance from her class demos to make beautiful projects.

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