Love and Lattes

Brenda Knight, author of Random Acts of Kindness, has written a new blog post where she discusses the importance of showing your favorite barista a little love and appreciation.

    Leave a tip and a little thank-you note in the tip jar at your favorite coffee or ice cream shop. Many of us remember the days when we had to work retail or hospitality whole in high school or college. The staff is working hard, especially during a pandemic, so show your appreciation for your latte and their positive attitude with a dollar or two. I have put in little “good job” notes in the tip jar at my local Peet’s Coffee and Tea. I think good work should be acknowledged and people should know they are appreciated (and so should their boss!). I have made lifelong friends at the two Peet’s I have frequented and it is nice to see them across the counter every morning. Those relationships all began with four little words: “How are you today?”

Random Acts of Kindness

365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas and Acts of Goodness

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