Make Merry & Save the Planet, One Tree at a Time

Random Acts of Kindness author Brenda Knight has written two new blog posts where she details stories of Christmas time kindness, take a look!

Make Merry

Santa Claus came early to a Pennsylvania retailer recently. In December 2014, an anonymous man walked into a store and told the manager he wanted to donate $50,000 to help pay off customer layaway accounts. “We made him say it twice,” said store manager Steve Meyers. “When we started telling customers, they thought it might be a joke.” 

The donor, who asked to be known as Santa B., arrived just in time, as unfulfilled layaway orders were set to be cancelled that day. “He just wanted to bring Christmas cheer to everyone,” Meyers said. “He was in and out, kind of like Santa Claus.”

Save the Planet, One Tree at a Time

Buy an artificial Christmas tree. People love my blue and silver disco tree which I got at a yard sale a few years ago. It is very festive! On average, over 30 million Christmas trees are sold in the United States each year- those are trees we could be saving and using for oxygen, housing material, and paper products rather than as decoration for a small amount of time. When you purchase an artificial tree, you will save money within the first few years and they look just as nice without the mess of pine needles! For more information on the history of the Christmas tree, go to

Random Acts of Kindness

365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas and Acts of Goodness

The change you want to see in the world. This good-humored guide to being the change you want to see in the world is filled with suggestions for making a real difference, in ways both large and small. From improving someone’s life with just one penny to ensuring all children are well fed, the day-by-day positive proposals of Random Acts of Kindness combine inspiration with action. Despite the hurly-burly of our busy lives, we can all make a beneficial impact on the environment, throughout out local community, and within our own hearts. This book of inspired ideas and good deeds conveys how “the power of one”―that is, you―can make a better world, starting today!

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