Mama’s Milk and Me Featured in USA Today’s Gift Guide List For New Parents

Mama’s Milk & Me by Alisha Gaddis has been featured in “The 25 Best Gifts for New Parents in 2020” list by USA Today, read the whole list here!

25 useful gifts new parents actually want

8. For nursing moms: A way to document her breastfeeding journey

Gifts for new parents: Mama's Milk and Me

Gifts for new parents: Mama’s Milk and Me (Photo: Mango)

Nursing mothers will appreciate this journal, which documents their breastfeeding bond  with baby. Mama’s Milk and Me includes blank space for reflection, as well as tips and information. It’s also a countdown and a guide to weaning.

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Mama’s Milk and Me

A Journal for Nursing Mothers

Weaning is a special and emotional transition―get the help you need. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know on an emotional level that the bond between mother and child is strengthened when breastfeeding. Due to both breast milk itself and the tangible contact of nursing, the connection is also strengthened on a scientific and physical level. This, among other advantages of breastfeeding, is part of what makes weaning so difficult, both for children and mothers. Knowing when to stop breastfeeding, and how to do it in a way that honors and preserves your relationship with your child, can make the process easier and smoother. In Mama’s Milk and Me, author and mother Alisha Gaddis provides a loving and interactive guide for taking this inevitable step.

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