Mama’s Milk Featured in “New Books for Moms and Kids” List

Mama’s Milk by Alisha Gaddis has been featured in the “New Books for Moms and Kids” list for the blog San Fransisco Bay Area Moms- read the list here.

New Book Titles for Moms and Kids

By San Francisco Bay Area Moms

There are always numerous books to add to your home libraries or to simply borrow from your local library. Here are some new titles that are sure to spark interest in your littlest to your biggest:

  1. Peri The Awesome COVID Fairy
  2. Remember to Smile
  3. Lego with Dad
  4. United States History in Rhyme
  5. The Adventures of Plimouth Plantation as Told by the Mayflower Mouse
  6. I Was Small But Now I’m Tall
  7. Mama’s Milk & Me
  8. Making a Difference: Teaching Kindness, Character and Purpose
  9. Coyote Peterson’s Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World
  10. Squeaky Clean Super Funny Knock Knock Jokes for Kidz
  11. Squeaky Clean Super Funny School Jokes for Kidz

Mama’s Milk and Me

A Journal for Nursing Mothers

Weaning is a special and emotional transition―get the help you need. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know on an emotional level that the bond between mother and child is strengthened when breastfeeding. Due to both breast milk itself and the tangible contact of nursing, the connection is also strengthened on a scientific and physical level. This, among other advantages of breastfeeding, is part of what makes weaning so difficult, both for children and mothers. Knowing when to stop breastfeeding, and how to do it in a way that honors and preserves your relationship with your child, can make the process easier and smoother. In Mama’s Milk and Me, author and mother Alisha Gaddis provides a loving and interactive guide for taking this inevitable step.

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