Mango Books Featured in December Bookshelf List for Popular Blog

Dino Dana 2, Future of Science is Female, Overcoming Hate Through Dialogue, Modern Manners for Mom and Dads, and Giving Grief Meaning were featured on JustBxaMom blog- check it out!

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We received many of these books for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

My monthly bookshelf posts usually go up at the end of the month. I decided to share it early this month in case anyone is looking for a few book titles to leave under the tree. I’ve covered Christmas books in the past so feel free to look around if that’s what you’re looking for. This Bookshelf is filled with titles that will be cherished long after the tree has been taken down and the elves on the shelf have returned to the North Pole.

The Future Of Science Is Female – As soon as I took this book arrived at my house, JustaBXgirl grabbed it and said it was hers. Tell me again that representation doesn’t matter! Seeing a Brown girl illustrated on the cover resonated with my little scholar. I adore that this book not only introduces some remarkable women but also discusses the problems that they are working to solve.

Dino Dana Dino Field Guide Volume 1 – JustaBXgirl loves Dino Dana. She has had favorite dinosaurs since she could speak. This Field Guide is great for new and old dinosaur lovers. It alphabetically introduces dinosaurs and information about when and where they lived along with other tidbits about them. And includes Dino Experiments. It is good for fun reading and can be used in homeschooling.

Above The Clouds What Really Happens In Heaven During A Thunderstorm – I remember being scared of thunder when I was a little girl. I remember my mom telling me that the rain was the angels cleaning Heaven and the thunder was them going bowling. This is a wonderful story sharing a different version of what happens. I love that it is updated to include current trends like selfie stations. It’s a sweet read to calm any littles fears.

Overcoming Hate Through Dialogue – Living in the US, it is easy to feel like racism is a home grown issue. The reality is that people face prejudice across the globe. This book is a really easy read about a really difficult topic. I applaud the author for finding a new way to confront the hate that she was regularly faced with as a Muslim MP in the Danish Parliament. It speaks to what can come from being open even when disagreeing.

Modern Manners For Moms & Dads – This isn’t Emily Post’s etiquette rules. This is for real-life experiences and what can work for current times. I love how this reminds us that parents are a huge part of parenting. I know that sounds silly but a lot of times we don’t think about ourselves when it comes to raising our littles. The Parenting Pyramid found in the intro chapter will make any parent pause as they realize how truly important their wellbeing is to their being successful parents. Even though it is geared towards under 5 families, this 7-year-old mama is taking notes!

Giving Grief Meaning – The holidays make grief extremely hard for many. When you’ve lost someone close the pain doesn’t really go away. It just becomes more manageable as time goes on. This book shares how the author developed The Name Work to help move through the pain of losing her infant daughter.

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