Marlene Wagman-Geller Featured in “10 Best Books to Read For Business Success” List

Marlene Wagman-Geller’s Women Who Launch was featured in an article written by Scarlett McKnight for thirty eight, check it out!

The 10 Best Books to Read For Business Success

Posted by Scarlett McKnight

Are you ready to discover best books to read for business success? You’re in the right place! 

Whether you are a woman who wants to own your own business, or you know of one, there are some amazing books out there to boost your potential for success!

Many women fear the jump to building their own business. Your dream may be anywhere from working independently for a company like MaryKay or making thousands by blogging

Let’s change that.

Right now is your time to begin. 

Begin learning. Begin researching. Begin trying. Begin having confidence. Just, begin!

The problem, however, is the lack of appropriate resources, advice, and guidance for us women! So many books and courses are built for men, teaching them how to create streams of passive income, and how to bring more money to the table. 

Why not you?

We’ve put together some of our favorite books that have been an asset for many women who are taking full control of their financial future!

Don’t waste your most important years! Get a head start by learning from some of the greatest authors and teachers!  

In this article, you’ll find a handful of books that are…

1. Written for Results

You are busy! So, why sacrifice your time reading books that are full of fluff? After having read these books, we are happy to share them, knowing they will be worth your time!

2. Written for Young Adults

There is a reason these authors are so popular! No matter your age, financial situation, or education, you could benefit from learning from these books!

3. For Beginners

We’ve compiled a handful of books that could help in a variety of ways. From building a business to improving your motivation and confidence, there are always opportunities for improvement!

But, WAIT!

Are you not a fan of reading physical books? There are other options for you!:

  • Ebooks: Ebook readers, like a Kindle, offer the ease of all your textbooks, novels, and other books in one device. Plus, ebooks are typically cheaper than traditional books! 
  • Audiobooks:  With the recent increase in podcast popularity, audiobooks are a great option for those of you who enjoy to learn while on the go! Listen to a book while walking to class, in the car, or even as you shower!

4. Women Who Launch by Marlene Wagman-Geller

Looking for another inspiring read? This book is a must-have for your collection!

With amazing stories of female entrepreneurs and leaders, you will be continually inspired to take action in your own life!

Find it here!

Read entire list here.

Women Who Launch

The Women Who Shattered Glass Ceilings (Strong Women, Women Empowerment, for Fans of Fabulous Female Firsts or The Book of Awesome Women)

A history of women in business and beyond: Julia Ward-Howe showed what’s good for the goose is good for the gander when she created the Girl Scouts of America. Sara Joseph Hale-authoress of Mary had a Little Lamb– convinced Lincoln to launch a national day of thanks while Anna Jarvis persuaded President Wilson to initiate a day in tribute of mothers. Estee Lauder revolutionized the cosmetics industry. The tradition of these Mothers of Invention continued when, compliments of knitter Krista Suh, the heads of millions were adorned with pink, pussy-cat ears in the largest women’s march in history. These women who launched prove-in the words of Rosie the Riveter, “We can do it!”

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