Megan Murphy and The Kindness Project have been nominated for The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards Celebration Inspiration Honor Roll, learn more here!

From Megan’s Newsletter:

I am excited to share that YOU have been nominated for The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards Celebration Inspiration Honor Roll for your work with The Kindness Rocks Project. Points of Light, is the world’s leading organization dedicated to volunteer service.

“We are excited to celebrate you and your work.
When we think about civic life today, we know that people who do good or want to create change don’t necessarily assign themselves traditional labels like “volunteer.” Today’s engaged person may express their desire to do good through the purchases they make, how they vote, in what they share on social media, where and how they choose to work, and what nonprofit organization to support as a volunteer or donor. Doing good comes in many forms, and it is critical to advancing causes that improve society for everyone.
The Inspiration Honor Roll will recognize and lift ­up stories of hope and resilience by frontline responders and everyday citizens who have demonstrated the courage and conviction to create positive change and tackle unique challenges in their own communities. These are the stories of the triumphs of the human spirit.
As part of The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards Celebration Inspiration Honor Roll, your photo and story will appear on the Points of Light website to recognize incredible stories like yours.”

From The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards Website:

About the Celebration

The George H.W. Bush Points of Light Awards Celebration will honor extraordinary individuals who demonstrate the traits of our 41st president – integrity, empathy, respect, optimism, conviction in the face of opposition and belief in the power of the human spirit. We will also celebrate and recognize people who are leading during these unprecedented times. This year, we will transition this traditional awards gala to a live stream experience, bringing hope and inspiration to audiences everywhere.

Click the button below to make a donation to Points of Light in honor of an individual or group who has helped someone in your community, and to nominate someone who is a volunteer, used their voice and took action when they saw a need, a neighbor who helped another, or even a frontline worker such as a nurse or grocery store cashier,for the Inspiration Honor Roll.

the kindness rocks journal

An Interactive Space to Work through Difficult Times and Create Inspiring Messages to Share with Others (Rocks for Painting, for Fans of Pebble for your Thoughts)

Now more than ever, people are longing for kindness and connection. During these uncertain times, daily news reports focus on disturbing events such as drug addiction, acts of terrorism, gun violence, airplane rage, senseless murders and political bickering. We are being bombarded daily with images that evoke a sense of fear and hostility. The Kindness Rocks Journal provides a positive counteraction to all this negativity. The tagline for The Kindness Rocks Project is “one message at just the right time can change your entire day, outlook, life.” Sometimes, all it takes is just one simple positive message or thought to change your perspective and that is what this journal aims to do.

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