Moms Don’t Have Time to Grieve

Lily Dulan (author of Giving Grief Meaning) discusses grief as it pertains to losing a dearly beloved child.

Lily Dulan is an MFT Psychotherapist, author of Giving Grief Meaning, creator of The Name Work, and founder of The Kara Love Project. Lily and I discuss her various roles in the grief space and the importance of avoiding toxic relationships within grief.

Giving Grief Meaning

A Method for Transforming Deep Suffering into Healing and Positive Change

Give Grief Meaning. How do you make sense of loss and tragedy? After the sudden and devastating loss of her infant daughter, Lily Dulan, a marriage and family therapist (MFT), psychotherapist, and certified yoga teacher, meditated, prayed, and ruminated on the only thing she had left–her baby girl’s name. In Lily’s courage to address and move through her pain, she developed The Name Work, a cross pollination of proven psychological modalities, 12-step wellness tools, spiritual healing applications, meditation and ancient yoga. In her heartfelt memoir, Lily shares her healing journey and her method for unleashing the power in names and giving them special meaning to help move through the grief process in a thoughtful and transformative way.

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