Monk Yun Rou Guest on Rodney Flowers’ Podcast

The Mad Monk Manifesto author Monk Yun Rou was recently a guest on Rodney Flowers’ podcast where they spoke about “zooming out”.

Podcast Episode:

Mad Monk Manifesto

A Prescription for Evolution, Revolution, and Global Awakening

Find answers. It’s easy to get outraged by world events, frustrated by our own personal battles, and disenfranchised from government and leadership. Born of moral indignation, informed by decades of study, and seasoned by a life of devoted self-cultivation, Monk Yun Rou’s Mad Monk Manifesto has answers, personal prescriptions, and calls to social and political action in one powerful book.

Change the world by changing ourselves. Based on ancient Chinese wisdom such as Lao Tzu’s Tao Te ChingMad Monk Manifesto is part tour guide to consciousness, part recipe for personal development, part prescription for environmental salvation, and part handbook for social change.

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