Moonlight and Candles – Earth, Air, Fire Water

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of Moon Spell Magic) can help you connect with the four elements by using candles.

Moonlight and Candles - Earth, Air, Fire Water

The popularity of candles has reached an all-time high. Candles are used by folks from all walks of life, for relaxation, meditation, aromatherapy and, most importantly, to achieve that “peaceful homey” feeling of being in your own sanctuary. This simple yet profound tool can make powerful magic. Take a moment and notice how candlelight transforms a dark room and fills the atmosphere with the energy of magical light. Suddenly the potential for transformation is evident. I don’t know about you, but I burn candles 365 days a year! They bring a sense of calm to me, imbuing my personal space with the positive.

Every candle contains all four of the four elements:

Air – Oxygen feeds and fans the candle flame

Earth – Solid wax forms the body of the candle

Water – Melting wax represents the fluid elemental state

Fire – the flame sparks and blazes

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