Mothers Day Gift Guide: Five

Let’s make Mother’s Day every day with these gift recommendations- including Growing Flowers by Niki Irving.

Happy Mother's Day

Well, its hard to believe but here I am with our Mothers Day Gift Guide: Five. Yes, you heard me have 5 Gift Guides. That is amazing that many wonderful companies have chosen to work with us.

I’m truly blessed and I hope you have enjoyed getting to know these wonderful companies and the products they have brought us. This isn’t the end Fathers Day is coming son and we will have that Guide up soon.

Dwell on These Things Inspiration Cards: 31 Thoughts to Align Your Heart with God’s Truth (5/25/21)

Based on the book Dwell on These Things by John Stange (5/25/21), this thirty-one-day inspirational card set will encourage readers to change the message that enters their minds into a positive, biblical one.

On the front of each beautifully designed card is a short message to remind readers of how God views them and everyday situations. The back of the card reinforces that message with time-tested wisdom.


According to a Stanford University study, one in seven women and one in 20 men face Zoom fatigue after Zoom video calls. One of the factors mentioned in the study suggests that staying centered in the camera’s field of view caused an increase in Zoom fatigue due to feeling physically trapped during a call.

I want to introduce you to one possible solution for Zoom fatigue. A company called Eyelinez, is helping with Zoom fatigue with a device to help people engage and focus on eye contact during Zoom calls.

Eyelinez creates small stickers to fit over your webcam or tablet to help people stay centered, engaged and focused during video calls. Eyelinez makes these stickers for multiple occasions such as smiling, focusing, or even just themed for the holiday season. These stickers can even be customized.

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Growing Flowers:

Step Inside the House of Flowers

In the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Niki Irving’s boutique flower farm grows specially cut, Mountain-fresh flowers with sustainable, natural practices.

Now, Niki Irving brings her organic gardening techniques to your home, helping you grow, harvest, and arrange lush, seasonally-inspired flowers.

Turn your flowers from doomed to bloomed. Unlike old-school gardening books, Irving’s beautifully photographed gardening basics book features fun, simple, and engaging know-how enabling you to grow, harvest, and arrange a cutting garden of flowers.

An instructional guide to gardening for beginners and those looking to hone their budding botanical skills, Growing Flowers teaches everything from caring for a cut flower garden to making simple-yet-gorgeous flower arrangements and botanical bouquets,

Growing Flowers is a wonderful addition to any collection of garden books. If you’re looking for gardening gifts for gardeners or enjoy plant books and flower books like Floret Farms Cut Flower Garden book, Floret Farms A Year in Flowers, or The Flower Gardener’s Bible, then you’ll want to own Growing Flowers.

Radiant Pearl Living

They offer us a Journal package for the “Mother’s in our lives”.

“A journal is the perfect gift to bring clarity to a person’s life. Especially if your mom is creative, artistic and values special moments of mindfulness. All you need is the Radiant Pearl Gift Package that is shipped in a gift box with a beautiful Radiant Pearl Pen, a pin you can use as a brooch and paperclip to keep your added notes organized. This is a fun, reflective and truly delightful chic gift for a special mom or mom to be this season.”

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Cut & Dry: The Modern Guide to Dried Flowers from Growing to Styling

Learn how to make stylish dried floral designs that will last longer than freshly cut bouquets.

Do you adore having flowers around the house but they always seem to wilt and fall to pieces as soon as you place them in water? No longer! Join the trend of DIY drying and create stunning bouquets that will outlast fresh cuts while still adding that soft, romantic floral touch.

Expert florist Carolyn Dunster breathes new life into the age-old art of growing, drying, and displaying blooms in ways that will bring a chic, natural vibe to any room.

Whether you are looking for elegant DIY bridal arrangements or trying to add a little bohemian flair to a room’s décor, there are dried designs that will complement every aesthetic and occasion.

Written for a new, younger audience that is just discovering the art of drying flowers and from a popular British botanical stylist with a penchant for urban gardening, this book is a modern spin on a classic craft. For those who are concerned with environmental impact, dried flowers are also gaining popularity as a more sustainable approach to floristry.

Dried flowers are perfect for:

• DIY bridal bouquets and table arrangements
• Stylish home décor
• Sprucing up your place of business in an affordable, low maintenance way

This book is an ideal purchase for anyone wanting to get started with the art of growing and drying flowers. Learn how to grow your own stems and the best combinations of color and texture to create floral sculptures that breathe new life into any space in any season.

Directions: Really Good Advice for Getting from Here to There

Cutting through the noise.

Sometimes we need a little direction in life, whether to see a problem from a new perspective or confirm a gut feeling. Or maybe we just need a little encouragement- an affirmation that will send us sailing into the day with confidence (Admit to yourself that your ass is exquisite).

Filled with clarity, inspiration, and just the right dose of humor, Directions provides all that and more. And like, a Magic 8 Ball, it’s always ready for a consultation when you need it: What direction do I need today?

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S’mores!: Gooey, Melty, Crunchy Riffs on the Campfire Classic

Putting the more in s’mores!

While contemplating a traditional S’more, mad genius Dan Whalen, the recipe creator behind Tots!, asked a tasty question: What would happen if you kept the essential S’mores architecture—three layers of gooey, melty, and crunchy—but changed it up?

The result? More than 50 playful, irresistible recipes that completely challenge the definition of a S’more. Riffs range from classic— Salted Caramel S’mores, Nutella S’mores, and Lemon Meringue S’mores—to crazy. Think Avocado S’mores, S’moresburgers, and the Elvis—Bacon, Banana, and Peanut Butter Nirvana.

Enjoy your S’mores all year long! Every recipe is designed to be made in the broiler as well as over a campfire.

Total Hydration

Electrolyte Concentrate | Total Hydration LLC

Giving a gift for mothers that help promote their health are ideal to give especially since an increasing number of people are exercising these days. Our Total Hydration is a health supplement company focused on innovative electrolyte products that would be great for your list of Mother’s Day Gifts that aren’t flowers. 

DayLyte Electrolyte Concentrate

Do you lead an active life but don’t feel at your best? Muscle cramps & fatigue can harm your performance. Recover rapidly with Total Hydration’s DayLyte electrolyte supplement

When your body is dehydrated and overworked it needs profound nourishment; that’s where our fast-acting electrolyte support comes in! Here’s what makes it awesome…

50 Happy Mother's Day Quotes and Messages

How to Grill Vegetables: The New Bible for Barbecuing Vegetables over Live Fire

The genius of Raichlen meets the magic of vegetables.

Celebrating all the ways to grill green, this mouthwatering, ground breaking cookbook from America’s master griller” (Esquire) shows how to bring live fire or wood smoke to every imaginable vegetable.

How to fire-blister tomatoes, cedar-plank eggplant, hay-smoke lettuce, spit-roast brussels sprouts on the stalk, grill corn five ways—even cook whole onions caveman-style in the embers.

And how to put it all together through 115 inspired recipes. Plus chapters on grilling breads, pizza, eggs, cheese, desserts and more. PS: While vegetables shine in every dish, this is not a strictly Vegetarian cookbook—yes, there will be bacon.

“Raichlen’s done it again! I am so happy that he has turned his focus to the amazingly versatile yet underrated world of Vegetables, creating some of the most exciting ways to use live fire.

How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Calmer, Happier Parent

Stop the yelling, lose the guilt, and become a calmer, happier parent.

Drawing on evidence-based practices, here is an insight-packed and tip-filled plan for how to stop the parental meltdowns. Its compassionate, pragmatic approach will help readers feel less ashamed and more empowered to get their, ahem, act together instead of losing it.
“Using a powerful combination of humor and reality checks, Naumburg helps parents unpack their unique stressors (we all have them) and find ways to stay calm even the most frustrating of family moments.” —Katie Hurley, LCSW, author of No More Mean Girls and The Happy Kid Handbook

50 Happy Mother's Day Quotes and Messages

A Book about Mom with Words and Pictures by Me: A Fill-in Book with Stickers!

Dear Mom,
Keep this book forever to remember all the reasons why I love you.

Every page has a heartwarming, imaginative (and sometimes cheeky!) prompt—a sentence to finish or an illustration to complete—to help kids capture everything they know and love about their parent, from their favorite things to do together to what kind of pizza topping they would be. A sheet of illustrated stickers gives kids even more ways to customize the work!

Each book starts with a letter to parent from child, and then the fun begins, from:

Your favorite animal is ______.
You are terrified of ______!


I wrote a story about you. Want to read it together?


Look! I drew a picture of us on an intergalactic space adventure!

And finally:

This is us, having the greatest adventure ever. I love you, Mom!

The Kitchen without Borders: Recipes and Stories from Refugee and Immigrant Chefs

Refugees by status, chefs by calling.

The Kitchen Without Borders is a special kind of cookbook. In it, chefs from around the world – all part of Eat Offbeat, a catering company staffed by immigrants and refugees who have found a new home and new hope through cooking- offer up to 70 authentic, surprising, nourishing recipes.

The food has roots that run as deep as its flavors, celebrating the culinary traditions of Syria, Iran, Eritrea, Venezuela, and more. Discover Iraqi Biryani, a rice dish combining vegetables and plump dried fruits with warming spices.

Chari Bari, hand formed Meatballs simmered in Nepali- spiced Tomato and Cashew sauce. Iranian Rice with Garbanzos, Sri Lankan Curry Dhal, and Manchurian Cauliflower straight from the Himalayas.

More than a collection of delicious foods from around the world, this inspiring cookbook– with its intimate chef profiles and photographic portraits-offers a glimpse into the journey of displaced people and highlights the profound link between food and home.

50 Happy Mother's Day Quotes and Messages

Steak and Cake: More Than 100 Recipes to Make Any Meal a Smash Hit

Discover just how luscious and indulgent both steak and cake can be with Elizabeth Karmel, Southern baker extraordinaire and one of America’s leading pitmasters.

Let them eat cake—and steak! This unique cookbook shares more than 100 recipes that beg to be prepared, paired, and eaten with pure joy. How about a Cowboy Steak with Whiskey Butter followed by a Whiskey Buttermilk Bundt Cake?

Or a Porterhouse for Two with My Mother’s Freshly Grated Coconut Cake? Or mix and match yourself—maybe an Indoor/Outdoor Tomahawk Steak paired with a Classic Key Lime Cheesecake?

Not only will you find some of the best recipes ever for steak—and steakhouse sides and sauces—and those all-butter-eggs-and-sugar cakes, but you will also pick up tips and tricks for choosing and cooking steaks and baking cakes. The result is an instant dinner party, the kind of universally loved meal that makes any and every occasion special.

***Exploring Colors is the ONLY K-5 art subscription box that pairs high-quality supplies with 4 dynamic video lessons per month led by an experienced art educator.*

For just $50 a month, Exploring Colors includes: 

  • (4) 1-hour sessions of fun each week 
  • Enough art supplies for each lesson + more 
  • New guided videos sent WEEKLY, tailored to the materials in your box 

Unlimited benefits include:

  • An investment in your child’s creativity
  • Opportunity to experiment with a variety of different art supplies 
  • Encouragement to think independently and outside of the box

An Exploring Colors subscription is PERFECT for: 

  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (give Mom and Dad the gift of an hour of free time!) 
  • Birthday gifts 
  • Graduation gifts 
  • After-school projects 
  • Supplementing missed hands-on art projects during remote learning 

Growing Flowers

Everything You Need to Know About Planting, Tending, Harvesting and Arranging Beautiful Blooms

Revel in flowers in bloom. This beautifully photographed book features simple, and engaging know-how enabling you to grow, harvest, and arrange a cutting garden of flowers. An instructional guide to gardening for beginners or if you’re looking to hone your botanical skills, Growing Flowers teaches everything from caring for a cut flower garden to making simple-yet-gorgeous flower arrangements and botanical bouquets.

An indispensable gardening guide for homebody horticulturists and floral foragers. A flower book with a whimsical twist, Growing Flowers is a go-to reference for those new to herb and flower gardening. Discover flower arranging techniques using blooms, greenery, and even artichokes, vines and berries. Learn about tools of the trade. Get down and dirty with dirt, seasonal rotation, starting from seeds and/or seedlings, and more.

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