Moving Forward with The Divorce Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen (author of Light on the Other Side of Divorce) provides insightful practices to help you make sense of an often confusing and painful chapter of life.

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen is a clinical psychologist who is breaking the stigma of divorce. Her books and courses have helped so many heal, grow, and thrive after divorce no matter how difficult the process has been.

We’re conditioned to believe that divorce is a failure but as Dr. Cohen powerfully explains in this episode, divorce can be a gift to help us better understand ourselves and patterns, and to move forward to create richer and fuller lives.

Another false narrative is that staying together even if a marriage is falling apart is healthier for children. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, it can often create a deeper sense of insecurity in children, pit kids against their parents (and potentially siblings), and prolong healing. As a child of divorced parents, Nikki can relate to the realities of growing up in a house that at times often felt fraught with subtle conflict. It’s an issue that she hasn’t openly discussed on the podcast before. However, her willingness to share her experience with Dr. Cohen was an opportunity for the pair to  illuminate some of the universal themes that many families face as they navigate separation.

If you or your loved ones are divorced, considering divorce, a child of divorce, or married to a child of divorce (we’re guessing this is basically, most people), then you’ll find powerful insights and practical reframes to help you make sense of an often confusing and painful chapter of life. 

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Light On the Other Side of Divorce by Elizabeth Cohen

Light on the Other Side of Divorce

Discovering the New You

#1 New Release in Divorce

Offering a well-researched and tested method for recovering from a broken heart after divorce, Dr. Elizabeth Cohen brings her highly successful “Afterglow” process to you in Light on the Other Side of Divorce. Don’t just move on after a breakup―thrive.

Readers of divorce books for women and men like This Is Me Letting You Go by Heidi Priebe, Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas, and Finding Love After Heartbreak by Stephan Labossiere will find joy after heartbreak with Light on the Other Side of Divorce.

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