(Author of The Witch’s Guide to Ritual) Cerridwen Greenleaf helps you problem-solve with this special crystal.

Muscovite, mined in Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic and found first in Russia, from whence it takes its name (after the city of Moscow), is fairly common. It often comes in sheets of mica that can be clear and translucent or a pearly white, gray, pale pink, yellow, rose red, or violet. At one time, sheets of muscovite were used in the kitchen over windows. While it is most frequently an ordinary rock, it can occur as a gem; of particular note is the rare Brazilian twin variety that forms five-pointed stars and is referred to as star muscovite. There is also an emerald green specimen called fuchsite.

Muscovite is a problem-solving crystal. It also has a rare and wonderful quality in that it facilitates astral travel and astral projection. This is a visionary stone and can put you in contact with the angelic realm so you can call on your guardian angels to come to your aid. Muscovite helps us all to take a deep look inside and see how we are missing out on important messages and are unaware of certain behaviors and projections we are putting out unconsciously. Though this can be tough work, this kind of self-examination is essential for true soul growth. Muscovite also gives the inner grit to make changes based on this new information about the self.

The Witch’s guide to ritual

Spells, Incantations and Inspired Ideas for an Enchanted Life

Practice Sacred Living. Rituals are often performed to acknowledge special, sacred moments of life. When we align ourselves with the rhythms of the earth, we see that every day is sacred. Sacred living is the art of acknowledging the abundance of life and the deep meaning within natural rhythms. The Witch’s Guide to Ritual teaches the practice of daily rituals for self-care and personal growth.

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