My Fall Decluttering & Cleaning Routine

Cassandra Aarssen (author of The Declutter Challenge) invites you to welcome in the fall season with her and these helpful cleaning tips.

I am NOT a summer person. It’s so humid where we live, being outside feels like you’re in a giant armpit. The air is thick, hot and damp. My skin isn’t a fan of summer either. I immediately get burnt to a crisp, peel and then return to ghostly white. No thanks. I love the idea of winter, but I’m actually allergic to the cold (yes, this is a real thing), so I get full body hives whenever I go outside for too long. Why should you care about my weather-based whining? You shouldn’t, BUT I wanted to give you some back story for why I get ridiculously excited for Fall.

This Fall I’m on a mission. My goal is to finally tackle all the little home projects and improvements I’ve been putting off.

Joe and I recently have been looking at buying a new home. We contemplated putting in offers on a few different homes, but in this market, a cash offer is a must to beat out the tough competition. This means buying another home BEFORE selling ours (and just hoping and praying it all works out). The thought of all the work we would have to do to get our home ready to sell is terrifying, and it really got me thinking…why am I waiting to sell my home before I do these little projects?

We have decided to wait until the spring to resume our quest for a new home, but in the meantime, I’m determined to finally tackle all those little projects. Why am I waiting to touch up paint, fix cracks, declutter the shed, and update some spaces in my home? Why do I feel like it’s important for someone else, but not important enough for me? Craziness.

Think about all the little things you would want to do before you put your home on the market. Now ask yourself, why are you waiting? What can you do NOW that won’t cost a lot of money or time? How can we make the home we have today the best it can be, for us?!

This week I will be starting my Fall in Love with your Home series. Every week in September, I’ll be doing a small update and hopefully encouraging you to do something small too. Together we CAN fall in love with our homes this Fall.

Last week, I kicked off with a HUGE Fall Declutter and Clean. You can watch that video HERE.


If one of the projects you have been putting off is decluttering your home, I really recommend joining our Take Your House Back community! Dawn from The Minimal Mom, Dana from A Slob Comes Clean and I have teamed up to bring you an amazingly motivating decluttering course.

This course closes in just ONE WEEK! Don’t miss your chance! We are doing a LIVE ALL DAY DECLUTTER September 18th. This is a live event where the three of us coach you through your clutter LIVE. Room by room, pile by pile, we help you Take Back Your House in a one day event.


The Declutter Challenge

A Guided Journal for Getting your Home Organized in 30 Quick Steps (Home Organization and Storage Guided Journal for Making Space Clutter-Free)

A guided decluttering journal. Life happens to the best of us, whether we were born with messy tendencies or not. Messes find their way into our homes and lives and we can’t seem to find the strength or time to tackle them. That’s where this motivational guided journal by Cassandra Aarssen, best-selling author of Real Life Organizing and Cluttered Mess to Organized Success, comes in.

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