Navigating Through Grief and Coming Out Feeling Renewed

Emily Thiroux Threatt (author of Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief)shares ways to find joy and gratitude in dark moments.

Episode Description

Grief is complicated. There is no one way or right way to grieve. We each have our own process. We may go through Kubler Ross’s five stages of grief, or we may experience grief in our own unique way. We will most certainly go through several layers of grieving. At times, thoughts and emotions will arise seemingly out of nowhere. Other times, a familiar smell, a song on the radio, or certain words will bring back memories, smiles, or tears. Grief has no timeline. It is complete when it’s done with us, not when we decide we should be finished. We can make the process easier and more meaningful when we face it consciously. My guest will share ways to find joy and gratitude in dark moments; how to use writing to help navigate through grief; and what mindful grieving is, and the role meditation can play in its practice. Please join us this Thursday to discover how to move through the grieving process to come out of it feeling renewed.

Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief

A Comprehensive Guide to Reclaiming and Cultivating Joy and Carrying on in the Face of Loss

Rediscover sustained moments of joy as you seek a new way of being in the world. Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief guides and lightens the journey to positivity for those who feel the pain of loss, whether it is the loss of a loved one, a job, a marriage, a house, a pregnancy, a nest egg―anyone or anything that we loved and that is no longer in our lives. In this book, author and fellow griever Emily Thiroux Threatt provides you with strategies to embrace the process of learning how to start living again.

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