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Cheryl Leutjen, author of Love Earth Now, has written a new blog post on a beautiful rainstorm she once witnessed, read Cheryl’s blog post here.

“Struck dumb by the most extraordinary sight outside my kitchen window, I slump into the nearest chair, agape. My mind scrolls through the mental to-do list for today and finds nothing that can’t be shoved off until tomorrow. I give myself permission to sit here doing nothing but to witness this miracle, at least until someone in this household figures out that Mom has “nothing to do.”

After months of relentless, arid heat, the dearth has ended. It’s raining. This is no ordinary drizzle or even a shower. It is a veritable downpour, no single drop of water discernible from the multitude. The rain pummels the earth as if some angry god, hell-bent on punishing a perverse planet, hurls glass spears from his home on high.

I wonder that there is no protest, no attempt at defense. The earth and the trees and even the slender grasses stand stock-still, as if they, too, acknowledge the miracle, afraid to blink and find it was all a mirage.

Only the man-made artifices, the pavement, rooftops, and sidewalks, seem unimpressed, waving away this precious gift of water, one that means life or death to the living, without so much as a nod. Today’s downpour, after so many months of deprivation, is a feast that only someone who has fasted for days can appreciate. Although I sit indoors, my cracked, dry skin seems to plump, my mind washes clean of the scourge of nagging thoughts. The rain replenishes the very reservoir of my soul.”

Love Earth Now by Cheryl Leutjen

love earth now

The Power of Doing One Thing Every Day

What can you do for the environment? Do you find yourself wondering what on Earth you can do about the serious environmental challenges we face today? Do you worry there’s nothing any one person can do that will make a difference? Most people say they would like to do something to make the world a better place, but they just don’t believe they have the time, energy, money or power to do anything that will make a real difference. Are you willing to devote 20 minutes a week to find out? Environmental activist Cheryl Leutjen has the planet’s back and is betting you do too. Her powerful book of inspired ideas and eco-mindfulness calls upon us all to Love Earth Now.

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