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Cheryl Leutjen, author of Love Earth Now, has written a new blog post about Albatrosses.

An inky lake trimmed by midnight-blue mountains, the peaks lost in a thick blanket of pea soup fog, drifts into focus. A raft of café au lait-hued Mallards paddle toward the spot on the bank where I picnic with my family. They reach the shore, then slosh through the reeds to ask for handouts. Their congenial quack, quack, quacking pierces the veil of silence. All four of us transfixed by their antics, we forget our travel-weariness.

We forget that we once thought ourselves apart from the world.

The beauty of that moment settles me like my mother tucking my childhood self into bed at night. I don’t have any answers for albatrosses or wolves, but I trust that I’ll have the faculties to take on whatever my soul presents for me to undertake.

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The Power of Doing One Thing Every Day

What can you do for the environment? Do you find yourself wondering what on Earth you can do about the serious environmental challenges we face today? Do you worry there’s nothing any one person can do that will make a difference? Most people say they would like to do something to make the world a better place, but they just don’t believe they have the time, energy, money or power to do anything that will make a real difference. Are you willing to devote 20 minutes a week to find out? Environmental activist Cheryl Leutjen has the planet’s back and is betting you do too. Her powerful book of inspired ideas and eco-mindfulness calls upon us all to Love Earth Now.

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