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I didn’t want to hear this today…

Fires are burning all along the West coast of America almost down to to the Mexican border, and it’s not even the peak of the wildfire season;  wildlife is in ‘catastrophic decline’, according to WWF, across the whole world, with populations having decreased by two-thirds in less than 50 years; and the Thwaites Glacier, off the West of the Antarctic Continent, is melting at an alarmingly increasing rate.  Ever more heart-breaking news about climate change.  It’s hard not to feel depressed and alarmed about such events, especially in addition to all the ongoing news about Covid-19 around the world. 

Yesterday the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that from Monday it will be illegal for more than 6 people to meet together.  On a personal level, that means that a speaking engagement I was booked for has been cancelled for the second time, and the resumption of singing, which my choir had been looking forward to this month, is nothing but a distant dream.  Minor irritations in the scheme of things, and nothing in comparison with what so many people are having to cope with.  Everyone has had plans disrupted, events and holidays postponed, many have lost loved ones or are suffering from the longer-term effects of the virus, but many peoples’ lives are also being thrown into serious chaos by the economic effects of lockdown and furlough.

It’s no wonder that depression and despair are so widespread.  Fear about the future, loneliness, worry about redundancy and paying the bills, or anxiety about ever getting a job are all taking their toll.  Old and young, and those in the middle too are all affected.  What are we to do?

We carry on as best we can, we show up, we don’t give up.  We think positive, affirm that life is worth living, that we will come through this, that we will be stronger and more resilient  as a result of our experience.  We can tell ourselves that life is worth living, that it can be different, that we can help each other, and that the world can be a better place.  With hope and inspiration as a catalyst, we can act to help mend, restore, and transform our world.

Affirmation for the day  I know that there is always hope and it begins with me

the woman’s book of hope

Meditations for Passion, Power, and Promise

Restore your optimism. There seems to be a never-ending supply of bad news in our world today, making us feel lost, anxious, and hopeless. But inspirational writer Eileen Campbell is here to remind us that we must not give up hope—because hope is what transforms the world. By clinging to hope, we regain a sense of control in our lives and remember that we are in control.

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