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Food Sensitivity or Allergy?

Food sensitivities and food allergies are not the same thing. Allergies occur in the blood stream. Sensitivities occur in the stomach or intestines. Allergies can have a dramatic reaction that can sometimes be dangerous or even deadly. Sensitivities are usually milder and can resemble “normal” aches, pains, acne, flu, or cold symptoms. If I suffered from a rash, stomach pain, diarrhea, or back pain right after ingesting a particular food that I could identify, I would avoid it for a while. Then to make certain that the food in question was or was not the culprit, I would try it again, by itself. Sometimes our food sensitivities change over time and we can eat what previously made us feel discomfort. Kids often outgrow sensitivities and allergies as they grow older. Food allergies or sensitivities can come on as adults for the first time too. It really is a message for us to be mindful of what we eat.
Eating food that causes me headaches or stomach pain will make me eat it less often. It definitely has an impact on me, but I will indulge once in a while even though I know the discomfort that comes later (if it is an old favorite from childhood). Humans naturally attempt to avoid pain. If a respected mentor tells me that the food in question will make me fat, I will give it up entirely. The word fat is a trigger for most people. I will have “forbidden” foods now and then, fully knowing the stomach and nasal consequences, but say the F word (fat), and I am done with it forever! We are a vain people, and I am aware of that. We want to look our best, feel our best, and project our best selves ever. It is natural to want to look good. So, no self deprecation, and talk over the food journey with allergies and sensitivities with a health practitioner who understands your particular biology and psychology.
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