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Charlene Costanzo, author of The Twelve Gifts From the Garden, has written two new blog posts on healing and love, read Charlene’s posts here.


“I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child. ”


Have you ever felt comforted and encouraged after seeing hearts in unlikely places?

Hearts have a way of appearing anywhere and everywhere, including cloud formations, burnt toast, patches of dog fur, and pony faces. In fact, there are greeting cards and posters featuring such hearts. And there are stories about grief softened and hurts healed by heart-art, especially hearts found in nature.

Yesterday morning I spotted a heart on a frosted window in my home. Through a small section of heart-shaped clear glass in the lower right corner of the window, I saw garden greenery. The rest of the window was opaque. The sight stirred me to child-like delight and a sense of increased hope.

I then remembered hearing about a school program that began with students photographing hearts for Valentine’s Day. Collecting heart pictures led to the students giving their images to others and on to giving from their hearts by helping one another and being kind. They called it “Giving Heart.”

Like Shigeru Miyamoto, I believe that inside every one of us is the heart of a child – the child we once were. And the love in our child heart naturally wants to share, be kind, forgive, and give.

Let’s not wait for Valentine’s Day – or any other occasion or reason – to look for hearts and to give from our hearts. Let’s give today, now.

With love,



“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. ”


Along with a well earned sweat, a good cry, and a soak in the sea, I find wind healing, especially when it’s blowing hard against my body and through my hair as I walk barefoot along the shoreline.

When I do, it seems to me that the wind is actually blowing through me and clearing away stuck stuff. Have you ever felt that?

It gets even better when I can add garden walks in the mix with the wind and the sea.

Where do you find healing power?

The real thing is best. But the next best is a virtual, imagined experience.

If the elements I describe sound soothing, appealing, and healing to you, please consider reading The Twelve Gifts from the Garden if you have not already done so. Or read it again.

Let yourself feel transported into the tropical botanical garden that is alongside the sea on Sanibel Island.

Use your imagination to feel wind and gentle breezes. Breathe in the floral scents. Notice the sound of bamboo swishing and knocking. Sit on a bench and listen to nature’s music. Let your eyes feast on the beauty of the dappled light rays that seem to dance in rhythm with the bamboo percussion performance. Feel the warmth of the sun’s glow on your face and shoulders.

Several stories take place on the beach and in the gulf water. Read “What My Toes Find” and be amazed, as I was.

Whether it’s this destination, a hike on the Appalachian Trail, a Mediterranean cruise, or a ski retreat, go somewhere in your imagination, someplace healing, someplace you love. And nurture your health, hope, and well-being.

With love and imagination,

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