New Episode of Jeremy Bhandari’s Podcast

Jeremy Bhandari, author of Trust the Grind, has released a new episode of his “Talking To Teens: Expert Tips for Parenting Teenagers Podcast”- listen to the episode here.

Trust the Grind

How World-Class Athletes Got To The Top (Motivational Book for Teens, Gift for Teen Boys)

Sixteen athletes from eleven sports arenas. Each chapter tells a different story, as each superstar shares the habit that helped them accomplish their goals and reach the pinnacle of their profession. Sports fanatic or not. Guaranteed to tap into your athletic edge, Trust the Grind, is made for sports fans and nonfans alike. Fans of professional athletes get an in-depth look at their heroes’ climb to the top; those less passionate about sports have the chance to read the secrets of success from some of the most talented people in the world. Both learn pivotal life lessons, and can immediately instill these particular traits and habits into their own lifestyle.

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