New Interview for Dr. Paula Petry

Dr. Paula Petry, author of A Mother’s Courage to Awaken, was recently interviewed on the YouTube show “Epiphany Series”. Watch Dr. Petry’s interview here!

A Mother’s Courage to Awaken

Hope and Inspiration from My Daughter’s Journey in the Afterlife

A Mother’s Courage to Awaken tells a story about the love and loss of a child―and the healing quest it initiated. On her search for inner peace, professor Paula Petry, PhD looks to re-emerging ancient methods that nurture positive emotional health, mental wellness, and spiritual well-being.

A story about death and resurrection. What does this mean? To nurture a life? And what if that life is your own? When Dr. Petry loses her daughter Alexandra, she looks for ways to connect with loved ones in the afterlife. Along her journey, she encounters a literal and figurative resurrection, a transcendence of time and space, and a life transformed beyond whatever was imagined possible.

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