New Podcast Episode From Marc Silber

Marc Silber, author of Create, has released a new episode of his photography podcast with guest Daniel Milnor. Listen to the podcast here, video included!


Tools from Seriously Talented People to Unleash Your Creative Life

Time for a new mindset. Many of us think of creativity as something distant and incompatible with daily life—a skill that artists get to use, but not the rest of us. Maybe you feel like a land-locked surfer, yearning for exhilarating rides. Or maybe you live for the few hours a week when you can take photographs, paint, or write. It’s time for a new mindset. Create shows you how to rediscover the artist within you.

Live a more creative life. People who make a living in the creative arts know that there is a cycle to unlocking the imagination. Visualize, know your tools, work your craft, refine, share. When you tap into this cycle, you’ll find ways to operate at your highest state in all aspects of life.

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