Get Out Your Way

Ty Alexander (author of Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died) wants to help you avoid standing in your own way.

Reading Joy

Kim Jocelyn Dickson (author of The Invisible Toolbox) discussed the superpower of reading, with a special focus on reading to your children.

Structure for Change

Karen C.L. Anderson (author of Difficult Mothers Adult Daughters) explains how to set healthy boundaries for you and your mom.

Juan Bobo’s Pot

Kate Farrell (author of Story Power) brings us this Puerto Rican folktale in honor of Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month.

Put This on Your Bucket List

Lu Ann Pannunzio (author of Tea-spiration) shares with us this Lake Agnes Tea House and her experience while visiting there.

Medieval Hair Removal Recipe

Rosalie Gilbert (author of The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women) brings us a medieval recipe for removing unwanted hair.

Peace in the Heart

Becca Anderson (author of Woman’s Book of Prayer Full) invites peace into our circle of life with this blog post.

Rosemary Restores You

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of The Herbal Healing Handbook) describes the pros of using rosemary- a stimulate for raising mental alertness.

Gabriela Mistral: Voice of the People

Becca Anderson (author of The Book of Awesome Women Writers) looks at Gabriela Mistral’s life, a woman who wrote many volumes of poetry.

Blanket the World With Love

Brenda Knight (author of Random Acts of Kindness) says you can cover the world with your love and good intentions by collecting blankets for donation.

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