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The end of 2020 is nigh upon us.

How are you feeling about that? A big part of me is ready to pop the cork on the champagne and be done with it. 

The other side of me is not in such a hurry. Yes, I want this pandemic to end. I also want to honor the gifts, yes, I said gifts, of this strange year. Giving up the breakneck speed I was living has been sweet. 

However we feel about it, 2020 is drawing to a close, and I’m wondering. .  .
How do we show our love for Earth in this time of Covid-19? ❤️🌎 

Every time we go out for a walk, I spot another discarded mask or a disposable glove in the street. It feels like we’re taking one step forward for Earth (let’s reduce single-use plastic!), then ten steps back (disposable masks for everyone!).

I’m redoubling my efforts to invest in handmade and thoughtfully-crafted gifts. . .  even as I am submitting my Amazon orders.  How are you demonstrating your love of Earth?❤️🌎 
May this holiday season bring comfort, ease and grace. Be sure to read about my first-time, FREE gift offer below.
FREE GIFT OFFER One thing I’ve been craving in these days of bad, worse and devastating news is INSPIRATION, especially when it comes to figuring out how to live more eco-friendily. Have you been feeling the same way? Or know someone who has? I’m visioning a new “Love Earth Now” series to help us navigate the eco-storms.

. . . and the trial series is FREE to holiday book buyers. 

Buy a Book, Get the SeriesPurchase Love Earth Now—for yourself or anyone else—by December 26 and you AND your gift recipient get FREE access to the first-ever “Love Earth Now Visioning for 2021.” 

What is it? 
FIVE days of Earth-loving inspirations delivered to your inbox from December 27 through December 31—just in time for your New Year planning and visioning.

Get the Details and Sign Up HERE.
For Your Reading Pleasure. . . 
about sustainability…
Hi, this is Chad from Chaco shoes. I’m calling about the sandals you sent in for repair?”
“Oh, yes, thanks, hi, Chad.”
“Yeah, we determined that it was a manufacturing defect that caused the sandal to crack….”
“Oh, that’s great news, Chad! I love those shoes so much!”
“So I just emailed a coupon to you to order a new pair.”…” Read more
  ________________________ How about a surprise ending? NAVIGATING.

“The view from my writing desk today was one of my favorites. Computer in my lap, I sat cross-legged, resting against a gnarled oak tree. Its twisted branches jutted out over my head, shielding me like a brave warrior from the violence of today’s searing sun. Lazy turtles sunned on the lower-lying branches that grazed the water. Red dragonflies flitted around me, while drowsy ducks dozed, their beaks tucked under a wing. I sat, resting, writing, noodling in the heart of the city and in the middle of nowhere, all at once. When it came time to go . . ” Read more ________________________
and for something completely different… PERSPECTIVES.
It happened in a coal plant in Tennessee, of all places, a place I’d never imagined being, back when I was a budding environmentalist. But that one summer job broadened the perspective of the sheltered suburbanite I was then, in ways that I am just now beginning to appreciate. After my sophomore year in college, I hopped on a plane, by myself for the first time, bound for a city I’d never seen, in a part of the country I knew nothing about, to live with people I’d never before met, in a high-rise building infested with cockroaches—just steps from the World’s Fair site which welcomed folks from around the globe. Knoxville, Tennessee in 1982. Nearly forty years later, I still feel the fear as I dropped my bag full of nerves. . .Read more DID YOU KNOW?

Love Earth Now is featured in this “Books Make Great Gifts” list by the celebrated author of Depression Hates a Moving Target, NitaSweeney (see  “Eco-Mindfulness” category).

Love Earth Now by Cheryl Leutjen

love earth now

The Power of Doing One Thing Every Day

What can you do for the environment? Do you find yourself wondering what on Earth you can do about the serious environmental challenges we face today? Do you worry there’s nothing any one person can do that will make a difference? Most people say they would like to do something to make the world a better place, but they just don’t believe they have the time, energy, money or power to do anything that will make a real difference. Are you willing to devote 20 minutes a week to find out? Environmental activist Cheryl Leutjen has the planet’s back and is betting you do too. Her powerful book of inspired ideas and eco-mindfulness calls upon us all to Love Earth Now.

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