#NewYearNewYou December Tips

Your Goal Guide author Debra Eckerling has written a new blog post on how to start the new year off right by starting your new year this month! Find out why here.

NewYearNewYou December Tips

Read for some #NewYearNewYou December Tips? It’s #DEBcember and I am determined to help you #Start2021Now!

As you may know, I decided to Start 2021 on December 1. Many are anxious to leave 2020 behind, so I figure why not get a jump on 2021!

Every day in December, I will post a #NewYearNewYou #Tip on @TheDEBMethod social media accounts. To give you all as much support and motivation as possible, I’ll also be sharing tips from awesome peeps throughout the month!

DEBember 1st #NewyearNewYou Tip

Create a Vision Board for your #GoalTopia.

Step 1. Name 26 things you want, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt A to Z Worksheet

Step 2. Choose 10 meaningful items from your list.

Step 2 – Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Top 10 List Worksheet

Step 3. Find your 10 items. Grab an image that represents each item on your list.

Step 4. Upload your images and create a collage.

Step 5. Title Your #GoalTopia. Use a theme song, phrase, or motto.

Steps 3, 4 & 5 – Virtual Scavenger Hunt Collage How To

What does your vision board look like?

Please let us know in the comments.

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