Now is the Time to Protect Yourself: Amulet Magic

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of The Herbal Healing Handbook, has written a new blog post on how to utilize amulet’s for their protective powers.

Now is the Time to Protect Yourself: Amulet Magic

Amulets are protective adornments that date back to the beginning of human civilization. Evil eye amulets are perhaps the most globally popular, believed in most cultures to be capable of warding off a hex by reflecting it back to its origins. In some cultures, amulets were devoted to a god or goddess, and the wearer was protected by that divinity. Horns, hands, and the phallus have all been popular amulet shapes throughout history. We know from archaeological discoveries that the inhabitants of the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia wore amulets. People in that time wore cylindrical seals covered in precious stones, as well as animal talismans to inherit the qualities associated with different animals.

 Ancient Egyptian amulets are on display at museums everywhere. They used their amulets in elaborate burial practices. To make the charms, they used faience, which is glazed ground quartz that is usually colored blue-green. The Egyptian royals and priests also wore precious and semi precious gems and crystals as amulets. The eye of Horus was the most significant, and usually this was made of lapis lazuli. Other creations included the lapis lazuli scarab, symbolizing rebirth; the frog, symbolizing fertility; and the ankh, representing eternal life.

 In the classical age, Romans wore amulets that were metal cylinders containing parchment inscribed with protective words.

The popularity of amulets extended beyond pagan people when organized religions embraced the idea. In medieval times, religious people would wear verses from the Torah, Bible, or Koran in amulets around their necks. Even today, many Catholics wear medals honoring saints. Celtic symbols and imagery pervade trendy shops as Wiccans and modern pagans have updated and re-popularized the wearing of amulets.

You can make your own amulets for yourself or friends. It is important that you believe your friends will truly benefit from amulets, and that they are aware of the special qualities and powers associated with these special charms. First, you must select a crystal associated with the desired energy. Hold the crystal in your hand until it gets warm, then visualize the specific power the stone is offering. If the amulet is for you, wear it as a pendant or tuck it in your pocket.

Stone: Amethyst

Powers: Prevents inebriation; helps with sobriety

Stone: Aquamarine

Powers: Guards against malevolent spirits; attracts wisdom; helps overcome fear of water/drowning

Stone: Bloodstone

Powers: Brings luck; wear while traveling

Stone: Carnelian

Powers: Keeps away evil sprits

Stone: Diamond

Powers: Brings good fortune; lends force to valor; should be worn touching the skin and works best as a gift

Stone: Emerald

Powers: Cancels out magician’s power

Stone: Jade

Powers: Guards health of and protects, especially children; creates prosperity

Stone: Jasper

Powers: Aids in defense against venom of poisonous insects and snakes

Stone: Jet

Powers: Helps expel negativity, especially when set in silver

Stone: Moonstone

Powers: Brings fame and good fortune; wear while traveling

Stone: Turquoise

Powers: Good for a horse’s gait when affixed to a bridle

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