(Author of Mystical Crystals) Cerridwen Greenleaf can help you relieve stress with the onyx stone.

Onyx has a lot of earth energy. This stone can come in many colors—from white to black with every shade in between, including pink, red, yellow, and brown. It is so common that it is often used as building material. I would think it would be interesting to live in a building material. I would think it would be interesting to live in a building made of onyx since this stone holds memories and secrets! Onyx retains the physical record of what happens around it; therefore, it is a story stone. Onyx is super stable and shares this strength with people who need it. It is particularly good for athletes and people who do physical labor. Healers recommend that onyx be worn only on the left side of the body or on a chain so that it hangs at the center of the body in the heart and solar plexus area. Onyx is best at reliving stress and quieting the mind.

This is a generous rock in that it creates goodwill and self-confidence. If you have an occasion that makes you nervous, or a very thorny and difficult task at hand, you should adorn yourself with an onyx ring, bracelet, or pendant, and things will go much better and you will feel more optimistic about them. Onyx is good for issues with the skeleton, the teeth, and the bones. Be careful about wearing onyx as a choke

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