Paint Your Blues Away

Emily Threatt, author of the upcoming Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief, has written a new blog post on using art as an emotional release, take a look.

Paint Your Blues Away

Sometimes I can get a bit overwhelmed with all that is happening and then dealing with grief on top of that. When I had a piano or my flute and these feelings came up, I would sit down and practice. I could easily get lost in the music, sometimes for hours, and when I had played long enough, I found myself so refreshed. Listening to music that you deeply enjoy can provide similar results.

Since I don’t have my piano or flute now, I have turned to art.  There is something about creating something artistic, especially when you can get your hands dirty, that takes over your full concentration.  Thrifty person that I am, I used to think I had to have a specific purpose for anything I created, but I have realized now that art takes practice, especially when you are learning something new, and I can take as long as I want to in finding the perfect way to paint a flower, a landscape, or a person. The same thing goes for learning how to best use a medium, like water colors, acrylic paint, ceramic clay, colored pencils, or any other medium that sounds fun.

Start small, practicing how to do things, and develop a tentative plan for what you want to accomplish. I have found some great free classes on YouTube, and other wonderful classes that I have paid for.  I have created art with people from around the world which is like going on an adventure!  There are even specific art classes for people dealing with grief.  I discovered Danica Thurber’s Project grief where she offers a variety of art classes to deal with grieving.  She is a delightful, friendly young woman who exudes energy, talent, and compassion. And her classes are fun even for beginners in art. Check out her web site.  Project Grief Art

Try doing a search on YouTube or Google for free classes for any art medium you are interested in.  You’ll be amazed at what you find. Check out art classes for children because they include great, simple instructions for beginners. I would love for you to share with me good classes you find. Also, you can paste them with a brief description in the comments below so anyone who reads this blog can share.

The picture for this blog is of heirloom carrots that I painted while taking a free online class today with Let’s Make Art

Have fun with this.  Do something just to play. Creating something fun or beautiful is a great way to relieve stress.

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