Parenting During COVID

(Author of Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety) Dr. John Duffy ponders the question of how strict/lenient parents should be with kids during the pandemic.

Episode Description
Heidi and John are checking in to give an update on all things pandemic parenting. They talk about how strict/lenient we should be with our kids during this time, growing up as a boy versus a girl these days, and more!

parenting the new teen in the age of anxiety

A Complete Guide to Your Child’s Stressed, Depressed, Expanded, Amazing Adolescence

Learn about the “New Teen” and how to adjust your parenting approach. Kids are growing up with nearly unlimited access to social media and the internet, and unprecedented academic, social, and familial stressors. Starting as early as eight years old, children are exposed to information, thought, and emotion that they are developmentally unprepared to process. As a result, saving the typical “teen parenting” strategies for thirteen-year-olds is now years too late.

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