Planting Peace, Love, and Sage Clarity

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Planting Peace of Mind: Gardening Wellness

I tell people that gardening is my therapy and they always think I am joking but I am not. It is an enormous source of peace in my life. Pulling weeds and plant tending is very positive way to handle nervous energy or upset. It also helps me work out problems.  I will come back in after a wild and weedy session and feel calm and in control. Bringing together the divine with the beauty of the plant kingdom can bring great pleasure to your life. Gardening is also very calming and, after the work is done, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. Sometimes, literally if you have fruit trees and berry bushes. A green thumb is hardly necessary to create your own secret sorcerer’s plot. I am an advocate of garden statuary and, if you were to come over for a sip of tea and garden gazing with me, you will see an altar adorned with deities and a few carefully placed statues, What seems sacred and inspiring to you and is pleasurable to your eye will certainly do nicely but even if you have a deck, a fire escape or sunny windowsills, you can create your own sanctuary, indoor gardening can absolutely fulfill the desire for an otherworldly aesthetic.  For a truly witchy garden, it will come as no surprise that many of these plants love shade, or look best in the moonlight.  The rare art of magical gardening serves to put you in closer touch with nature, which is essential to pagan’s horticulture and is an amazingly peaceful pursuit, and working directly with the earth and her plants and flowers will teach you the secrets of our Great Gaia.  Tending and growing these herbs and flowers will usher you into a very specialized world.  From this vantage point, you can dry herbs to make special teas, potions, tinctures, and flower essences that are uniquely healing and magical.

Planting Peace of Mind: Grow these plants not only for their beauty, delightful scent but also to use in your spellwork, tinctures and sacred self care: Lavender, roses, rosemary, chamomile, mint, wooly thyme, jasmine, lemon balm, passiflora, sage, and geranium

Amorous Herbs Love Charm

Many a witchy woman has enjoyed the fruits of long-lasting love by reciting the following charm while mixing rye and pimento into a dish shared with her object of affection. While stirring in these amorous herbs, declaim:

Rye of earth, pimento of fire 
Eaten surely lights desire. 
Serve to he whose love I crave, 
And his heart I will enslave!

Prepare the Way for Love In Your Life

Surely one of the main reasons for clearing space in your home and bedroom is to make room for a happy love life. Before you attempt to enhance your prospects for love, you need to improve the flow of chi, or life energy, in the environment where you express your love. Try any of all of the following to help you improve the chi:

Remove all pictures of yourself where you are alone. 

Remove all empty cups, jars, vases, and bottles.

Remove all photographs of past lovers, or at least relegate them to another room.

Make sure that decorative accessories are in even numbers, not in odds or in triplets. This pertains to candles, frames, pillows and lamps.

Display special feng shui love symbols, such as an open red fan, a pair of crystal lovebirds, and two red hearts. On your bed, you should use rich, silky, and extremely comfortable fabrics and colors. Also be extravagant when it comes to pillowsthe more the merrier. But remember to have even numbers, not odd ones, which disrupt your “love chi.”

Clary Sage Clarity Incantation

Here is a handy spell for physical well-being as well as a self-esteem boost. For this witchy approach to preventive medicine, take a green candle on a Friday, dress it with clary sage oil, and speak the following three times:

My health is mine, under this moon divine.
I choose to be well in this healthy body I dwell.
No more pain and strife, vital breath of life.
Harm to none; health to me.
So mote it be.

the magic oracle book

Ask Any Question and Discover Your Fate

Stuffed with quotations from Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, and William Shakespeare, this oracle offers the reader a chance to reflect, meditate, and forecast their future. As many are moving away from organized religion and toward a more general spirituality, the audience for this mindful companion will continue to grow.

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