Podcast Interviews for Dr. Helen Odessky

Helen Odessky, author of Stop Fear From Stopping You, has been interviewed by various podcasts! Listen to Dr. Odessky’s interviews here and learn more about her and her inspiring book.

Drop the BS w/ Dr. Kirlee‪n‬:


BrainShape Podcast:


Better. Podcast:


Stop Fear from stopping You

The Art and Science of Becoming Fear-Wise

Harness Your Fear

Two kinds of fear. Sometimes, emotions like fear can be helpful. A few years ago, Dr. Helen Odessky, clinical psychologist and author of the best-selling motivational book Stop Anxiety from Stopping You, found herself part of a minor fender-bender on a major interstate. Looking back at her daughter, she feared that if another car hit them, her daughter’s life would be in danger. A few minutes after retreating to another car in a safer location, an 18-wheeler barrelled into her car and demolished it. Her fear saved both her daughter’s life and her own.

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