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Bill & Wendy Show – Episode 48:

Psychologist and author, Dr. John Duffy explains why people are less happy these days.  Bill has a Ponderosa pal.  Some fun Father’s Day gift ideas. 

Dr. John Duffy explains why millennials are breaking under stress, and if there’s a fix

Millennials have already been experiencing a mental-health decline, the added loneliness and anxiety of quarantine life are not helping.

On Discussing Race

This week we’ve got a few topics to unpack: the way companies are handling — or might be reluctant to handling — race discussions, keeping these conversations energized as the weeks start to pass, and how young people have become a vital source of hope and optimism. 

Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety by John Duffy

Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety

A Complete Guide to Your Child’s Stressed, Depressed, Expanded, Amazing Adolescence

Learn about the “New Teen” and how to adjust your parenting approach. Kids are growing up with nearly unlimited access to social media and the internet, and unprecedented academic, social, and familial stressors. Starting as early as eight years old, children are exposed to information, thought, and emotion that they are developmentally unprepared to process. As a result, saving the typical “teen parenting” strategies for thirteen-year-olds is now years too late.

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