Pomona’s Skin-Preserving Potion

Cerridwen Greenleaf (author of The Herbal Healing Handbook) shares with usthis goddess-blessed prescription for eternal youth.

Pomona’s Skin-Preserving Potion

Pomona is beloved as the apple goddess and protectress of orchards. Associated with abundance, the flowering of nature, youth and beauty, her splendor is still celebrated every year in European festivals. One way to retain our blossoming beauty is to take good care of our skin and heighten the health of our complexions with this goddess-blessed prescription for eternal youth. Add the following essential pure oils into six ounces of scentless base oil, such as sesame:

  • Two drops apple
  • Two drops sweet almond
  • Two drops rosemary
  • Two drops chamomile
  • Two drops eucalyptus
  • Two drops rosemary
  • Two drops lavender

Combine thoroughly and place the mixture into a dark glass jar with a secure lid; shake it before application. Before you anoint your skin each night, utter this spell:

Pomona, blessed goddess of the groves, / We thank you for the fruits of the trees / And the flowers of the fields.
Bringer of honey, bounty and beauty. / We thank you for the flower of youth / From this day forward. So mote it be.

The Herbal Healing Handbook

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