Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times, Embrace Abundance, After the Pandemic

Check out this post with Allen Klein and his book Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times

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Rudyard Kipling once said that words are “the most powerful drug use by mankind”—the words by author Allen Klein (aka “Mr. Jollytologist”®) in his book Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times are the prescription for a daily dose of positive inspiration you can live by in these challenging times. Words can warm our hearts and fire us up or calm us down when we are worried and stressed. Renew your spirit and find comfort in this lively conversation. Abundance is not about acquiring a luxury house, a fancy car, expensive clothes, and a jet-set lifestyle. Abundance is about feeling that there is enough in life for everyone. The world is a place of emotional and spiritual plenty. Cynthia Brian shares The Gift of Abundance from Be the Star You Are! 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference. What will our world like post pandemic? Will we be wearing masks everywhere, fixated on cleanliness, stop going to the theatre? What will be the new normal?


positive thoughts for troubling times

A Renew-Your-Spirit Guide (Politics of Love, Uplifting Quotes, Affirmations)

Rarely before in history has the United States and the world at large been so divided. With each new Tweet, falsehood, or upsetting news headline, the things we once took for granted, and believed in, have become upended and, in the process, have crushed our spirit. The inspired ideas and power thoughts in Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times will provide you with hope, a renewed spirit and a new perspective at viewing our worrisome times.

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