Pride Month Spotlight: ‘Be That Unicorn’ by Jenny Block

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Author Jenny Block provides practical advice for being the best you can be and living authentically in the new book Be That Unicorn: Find Your Magic, Live Your Truth, and Share Your Shine (Mango Publishing). Block details ways to live better in many aspects of life, including at work, when traveling, and when caring for others while also remembering to take good care of yourself. Much of the advice provided here is common sense, but utilizing it is not so simple. Indeed, life can be difficult and the best intentions can sometimes be misconstrued or simply overlooked, which makes it harder to Be That Unicorn. However, as the author states, take one step at a time and work towards a goal. For instance, look for positive challenges in work that is assigned to you that you may not want to do. In addition, do not be afraid to make mistakes while doing that work, as that is an essential key to learning. 
One of the key messages conveyed throughout this 150 plus page book is to remain positive and make the best of any situation. Of course, Jenny Block understands that we all falter from time to time and that is OK, as long as we learn from the experience and move forward. While reading through the book, I found myself thinking that, for me, it may be impossible to follow some of the advice as I am older and set in my ways in most areas of life. However, treating other people with care and respect is another key to Be That Unicorn and, in that regard, I am doing well. For those readers looking to make a positive change in their lives, Be That Unicorn may be a good place to start.

Be That Unicorn by Jenny Block

Be That Unicorn

Find Your Magic, Live Your Truth, and Share Your Shine

Being a unicorn means being the magnetic person that everyone in the room is drawn to. It means being honest and true to yourself every day, no matter what. When you are really, really good at being yourself, you’ll make other people feel really, really good about themselves, too. In Be That Unicorn, Jenny Block, author of several best sellers for women, shows you how to stop putting yourself down and start finding your magic.

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