Prompt Prophecies: Crystal Divination

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of the upcoming The Herbal Healing Handbook, has written a new blog post on how to make a divination tool, learn how here.

Prompt Prophecies: Crystal Divination

Give your tarot cards a rest and create a one-of-a-kind divination tool: a bag of crystals you can use to do readings.  It is very easy to do.  Collect stones you have picked up on travels, and keep your eye out for crystals as you go about your daily business.  You can gather up relatively inexpensive stones such as garnets, agates, amethysts, and tiny citrines at your favorite metaphysical shop or you can buy them online. (See Resources page 143).  Ideally you have all the stones listed below but you should have at least a dozen to start with.

Select a favorite velvet bag, and when the need arises, turn to crystal visions for your enlightenment.  Most of us cannot afford diamonds in our bag of crystals, so substitute clear quartz here; for emeralds, switch to peridots, and garnets can substitute nicely for rubies.  Some new age stores and online sources also have “rough rubies” and “rough emerald” pieces for just a few dollars each, so it is possible to find these spiritual stones at reasonable prices.

Casting the stones is as easy as one, two, three:

1. Shake the bag well.

2. Ask a question.

3. Remove the first three stones you touch, and then interpret them from the following guide.

How to read the stones:

Agate: business success and notoriety

Amethyst: change is coming

Black Agate: monetary gain

Red Agate: long life and health

Aventurine: new horizons and positive growth

Blue Lace Agate: the need for spiritual and physical healing

Citrine: the universe offers enlightenment

Diamond: stability

Emerald: lushness

Hematite: new prospects

Jade: everlasting life

Red Jasper: the need for grounding

Lapis Lazuli: heavenly fortune

Quartz: clarity where there was none

Rose Quartz: love is in your life

Ruby: deep passion and personal power

Sapphire: truth

Snowflake Obsidian: your troubles are at an end

Tiger’s Eye: the situation is not as it appears

Snow Quartz: major changes

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