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Lu Ann Pannunzio (author of Tea-spiration) shares with us this Lake Agnes Tea House and her experience while visiting there.

Happy Saturday, 

Situated on the shores of a turquoise lake in the Canadian Rockies is a historic spot every tea lover should experience. When I first heard of this place I started daydreaming about the moment I would get to go on this tea adventure. 

I say adventure because the destination is only part of the fun. It can be quite the journey to visit this tea house as hiking is the way to get there. Is it worth the trek? 

Originally built in 1901, Lake Agnes Tea House may not be the easiest tea house to get to but the views alone are so worth it! 

See below for a hiking guide along with my personal review of the tea house.

Click here for a short video clip of the mountain and lake views at
Lake Agnes Tea House. Spoiler alert: it’s breathtaking! 


Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers

The tea lovers book: Tea-spiration aims to create a quiet movement where one can experience devotions, comfort, inspiration and the simple joys of life. Tea drinkers know that tea, the wonderful drink, can help them slow down and savor life’s moments.

Each page of Tea-spiration is filled with feelings and moments (big or small) that tea enhances; simple joys that not everyone may notice or take the time to savor. Sometimes all you really need is a cup, water and some leaves to create your own wonderful cup of tea experience.

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